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Hulk smash puny god.
Turtle power.
Watch over 10 minutes of Thor 2.
If Robert Downey Jr. departs assemble the New Avengers?
Seems to match the previous description.
Gad says he's prepping for a young Luke Skywalker.
Looks a lot better than the Halloween costume.
Plot being developed and Feige returning to produce.
Riddick DVD topping the sales charts.
Hiddleston shirtless auditioning as Thor!
Thor and Loki's mom.
Olaf as The Thing?
Loki wearing Cap's costume!
Director Josh Trank says not even close.
The Raid 2 director wants it only if it's not PG-13.
Say it ain't so!
Gunn will have something for us soon.
Bucky! Falcon! More!
We know what we are being for Halloween!
Weapons of the Govt.?
Jumps ahead two weeks.
Pinewood facility in Fayette County.
Disney springing for two trailers?
Matches the previously leaked character descriptions. Cowabunga, dude!
Cross your fingers! Or your paws!
Coming in August.
Updated with video. Stan Lee not sure who the Guardians are.
Testing actors at the end of the month.
New Anime flick.
No lioncloth, either.
Banner gets to do some cool stuff.
Hulk save trees?
Info on Affleck's injury, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and more.
Higher-res images from the drink containers.
Would Michael Rosenbaum be able to pull of Luthor twice?
"The best fight scenes that I’ve ever seen on film."
Avi Arad offers a tease how he would bring the two franchises together.
The movie will have some twisted humor the director is known for.
Modeled after transportation vehicle of the Jawas from Star Wars.