The Avengers Hub

In theaters February 7th.
Pratt's second featured role.
Two-time Academy Award-winning actor will join director Edgar Wright and Paul Rudd.
New documentary on the 1994 FF film.
Pratt talks up Guardians at the Golden Globes.
Could mean casting announcements coming soon.
Cool galactic water bottle and tumbler.
Only four months of promotion?
Could break Marvel records.
"Not involved in it."
Incredible display of Avengers promos from various Target merchandise.
Another batch of images for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Wishful thinking?
Not Blade Runner.
In typical Tony Stark fashion, RDJ accepts the award. Check out the full list of winners.
Gregg hoping for Ant-Man on S.H.I.E.L.D.
Watch Luke Evans announce the nominations and more via Famous Movie News.
Chris Evans getting booted from Marvel?!
Coming this Summer!
Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Falcon and more.
Artist released cool art featuring Marvel Comics characters for Thor 2.
Singer in talks to direct X-Men: Apocalypse.
Younger version played by Evan Jonigkeit.
Cranston still a favorite for the role.
Drax to take on 29 other WWE Superstars.
Batman and GL meet for the first time.
Would an X-Men vs FF movie work?
Thinks Harley is a fantastic character.
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon.
Batman has some bling!
Possibly for a big promo tour.
Can Superman and Batman smell what Lex is cookin'?!
Info and super high-res images.
Pretty much what you expect from the Turtles.
Hits April 4th!
The Rock in brightest day?
Rumors hit that Robert Downey Jr. is using his pull for his friends.
One step closer to a Loki Movie?
Thor 2 hammers home February 25th on Blu-Ray!
Not this month. How about next month at the Super Bowl?