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Kirk's entry following the opening scene.
In the minds of Warner Bros., it's not true.
She's due in August.
Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael.
Not sure what it could mean if anything.
Cap to the rescue and featured first in the video.
Evans remarks on current Marvel Studios contract.
Introduced by Captain America.
SHIELD crossing over with Cap 2.
Hulk smash Iron Man?
Long term plans for the leader of Hydra.
Described as "jaw dropping."
Cap needs a team he can trust now more than ever!
Cap and Falcon!
Don't make Hulk angry. Comments on Defenders, too.
The "Captain America Experience" can now be downloaded from iTunes.
"Everyone would love to see that."
From one Lex to another: He's just going to f'n own it.
Role presently not known.
Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe premiering new footage from all the Marvel movies.
Art from the Head of Visual Development on Thor 2.
Producer confirms the news.
New Defense Department initiative deals with lightweight, high performing metals.
Rosenbaum would crush The Joker.
Jennifer Walters is potentially part of the cast.
Behind-the-scenes footage and cast and creator interviews.
Turtle lair invasion and more.
The Guardians get down! Ooga chaka!
No for Johnny Depp.
Scarlett Johansson, Samule L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans.
Do you have an everyday hero in your life?
Teases other superheroes roles.
Falcon ready to soar.
IM3 writer Drew Pearce seems to think so.
Excerpts from a recent podcast.
Less than two months to go.
Composer Brian Tyler and more.
First look at the TMNT LEGO sets.
Hulk on a rampage in South Africa.