The Avengers Hub

Cap 2 still flying high.
Thanks for the answer, Tom. Something we've been saying all along...
Awesome. Bold. Action-packed movie.
Spidey is unique and not part of a team.
Kevin Feige and the cast discuss the movie and more.
Scarlett Johansson said to be at a local college, too.
City needs heroes. Here's one.
Coming soon from Hasbro.
What powers will the Vision use?
New footage from MTV Movie Awards.
Already ahead of First Avenger.
Behind-the-scenes look.
So do we.
Chris Pratt wearing the helmet!
Gareth Edwards talks about the monster and more.
Guardians assembling for The Avengers 3. More on Gamora, Nebula, Drax and Thanos.
"More representative of a modern woman."
Featuring a lost tale from Batman's past!
Gamora, Star-Lord and more.
Kate Mara doesn't know much about it.
Already in development?
Co-director Anthony Russo comments on Red Skull and Crossbones.
Filming at Hawley Woods.
Follow all things green and mean.
Images attached to the new film.
Danny Woodburn's legal team is looking into it.
Bats Vs. Caps.
Posters for Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael.
Part of the MTV Movie Awards hype.
Can the Hulkbusters be far behind?
Extended fight scene!
Fan-favorite choice for Star-Lord basically confirms a cameo.
Bring on Batman Vs. Superman!
Avengers Hellicarrier gets an upgrade and more.
War Machine about to let loose Marvel Studios secrets!
Better than The Dark Knight? Better than Avengers? Woah!
Recently featured in the All Hail The King short.
Check out a look at all the pages from the book.
On track for a $100 million opening or more.
Studio worried about fans' thoughts about a white shredder?


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