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Who is under the sheet?
Different version from yesterday's Big Game debut.
Video has finally hit the net!
Potential spoilers. Tread lightly.
Must watch hilarious trailer.
Following the Big Game debut, check out official images.
60 images featuring Cap, Falcon, Black Widow, Winter Soldier and more!
Cap in action at the Super Bowl!
Almost 5 minutes of action.
Become a hero. Ride a legend.
Eisenberg is not in Detroit where Henry Cavill has been spotted.
Fanboys can relax.
More of a Steve Rogers version.
Talks Black Panther with Larry King.
Suggests Lex united with Bruce?
Action scenes being filmed throughout the city.
Ray Stevenson shares the tale of recent battles.
CBN movie reviewer Lawrence Napoli offers his thoughts on the latest casting for Batman Vs. Superman.
Raphel, Michelangelo and Donatello.
You know what's cool? Killing Batman and Superman.
Makes some jokes and thanks the fans.
3D model resembles Michael Douglas.
Official statement from Snyder.
Cap getting ready for the Big Game!
Basically all villains to begin with.
Falcon, Russo Bros., Evans and more.
Check out some fun with Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth.
Cap, Black Widow and Nick Fury. Bunch of images.
West Coast premiere streaming live tonight.
Marvel Comics writers Chris Yost and Craig Kyle writing the script.
Hulk smash puny god.
Turtle power.
Watch over 10 minutes of Thor 2.
If Robert Downey Jr. departs assemble the New Avengers?
Seems to match the previous description.
Gad says he's prepping for a young Luke Skywalker.
Looks a lot better than the Halloween costume.
Plot being developed and Feige returning to produce.
Riddick DVD topping the sales charts.
Hiddleston shirtless auditioning as Thor!