The Avengers Hub

Possibly being saved for the Avengers: Infinity War movies?
New look and new actors...
Animated take on the ending in parody form.
Will the sequel lead to more Marvel Cosmic? Or down to earth for Infinity War?
A groundbreaking system of toys and wearables using smart technology - Star Wars and Frozen in development.
A solider the size of an insect - the ultimate secret weapon...
Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and more. Hits this July!
Angelina Jolie said to sign on if Theron gets the part.
Famed Magizoologist and author of the textbook used by students at Hogwarts.
An extraordinary discovery brings unimaginable powers...
Find the superhero within yourself.
Ultron minions and sentries!
Less than two months to go...
Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and more.
More deleted scenes, and more what could have been...
Say good-bye to the Shi'ar, too.
Heroes don't get any bigger.
Mentors the new Sorcerer Supreme.
Cover of Doctor Strange #2...
Damion Poitier possibly doing stunts for Cap 3.
Will we see Snikt! in Deadpool?
Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly and more.
Check out the creation of Thanos - one of the most notorious and powerful super villains of the Marvel Universe.
What happens when fantasy becomes reality?!
Take a look at a bit of new footage showing off the looks of the FF.
Get your head out of the computer...
LED light-up Arc Reactor with hexagonal-shaped indent on chest and more.
Renner offers the set is amazing.
Discover your super power...
Hawkeye to assemble in Wakanda?
More set video and pics of possibly Wakanda.
40 years of creating the impossible.
Tris must escape with Four beyond the Wall to finally discover the shocking truth of what lies behind it...
Too Star Trek-y?
Less than two months to go...
Documentary sheds new light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the legendary cult classic.
Characters and creators come together for 40th Anniversary of LucasFilm Industrial Light and Magic.
Possible Wakanda location set up in Atlanta.
Daredevil is outnumbered by Hydra to an extreme. Luckily help arrives to assist him.