The Triumphant Return Of An Avenger! Avengers #32 Spoilers

As Bendis wraps up his Avengers run, he has time to bring back another Avenger into the fold! Without further ado, please welcome back...SPOILER ALERT!

Dear Bendis: This Is How You Do Thanos. Sincerely, Everybody

Looking forward to the new Guardians of the Galaxy? Might want to read Avengers Assemble #8 first.

Brew's Crew: Gilgamesh

From the dregs of the Avengers roster comes Gilgamesh, less than an Eternal, more than a 'Hero'!

How Long Will Nino Nova and Guardians of the Earth Last Before They Are Canceled?

Fans bring up various points, but a common complaint is that Marvel is just not giving them what they want.

Bendis on Guardians of the Galaxy "This is the cosmic Avengers"

Bendis says he hasn't stopped writing Avengers as Guardians of the Galaxy will be guarding the Earth.

NYCC 2012: Marvel Comics Avengers Art

At today's Avengers panel, Marvel Comics revealed the following art.

The Walking Dead & Justice League Beat Out Uncanny Avengers 20 Variant Covers

Uncanny Avengers was no match for Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead or even Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League.

Reader Upset Over 20 Variant Covers Sends In Major Uncanny Avengers #1 Spoiler

Spoiler for Uncanny Avengers sent in by a reader upset over Marvel's decision to go with 20 variant covers.

Just What the "DOC" Ordered: The October Storm!

The "Big Two" are releasing their biggest books on October 10th, and a storm of excitement is hitting comicdom like never before! Where do you stand in the "October Storm?"

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