Suicide Squad Video Game Said To Be Cancelled

Posted By: Matt McGloin
12/19/2016 - 1:55pm


With the success of the Suicide Squad film and three more related movies in development, you would think a Suicide Squad video game would be a no-brainer.

While DC president and co-runner of the movies, Geoff Johns, first mentioned that a Suicide Squad video game was in development back in 2012 and conformed again in 2015, now it's being said the Suicide Squad video game has been cancelled.

Kotaku is reporting sources-in-the-know have filled them in that Warner Bros. Montreal gaming studio has cancelled the Suicide Squad video game.

It's reported executives at Warner Bros. decided to cancel the Suicide Squad video game earlier this month following a "long period of turbulence" at WB Montreal. It's said the Suicide Squad video game would have been co-op, but failed to impress Warner Bros. execs during various meetings to greenlight the project.

Regarding the "turbulence" ast WB Games, it's suggested the recent changes earlier this year regarding WB Games' top bosses is an additional reason for the cancellation of the Suicide Squad video game.

Geoff Johns' previous comments about the Suicide Squad video game sounded like it would have been pretty good.

"I'm really super excited about it," Johns offered about the Suicide Squad video game. "Because of the concept, you have a game where any of the lead characters can conceivably die and it's not a stunt. Some really cool story could come out of that." 

It's now being said WB Games is focusing on the recently rumored Damian Wayne Batman video game.

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