SUPERGIRL #36 New Krypton: Part 8 - A Death in the House of El Sterling Gates -Writer Jamal Igle - Penciller Keith Champagne - Inker Price: $2.99 Release Date: December 17th, 2008   Warning: Contains Spoilers   “New Krypton” has been quite interesting thus far. I defiantly had my reservations since the idea of 100,000 super people can easily be handled incorrectly or end up being quite silly. But surprisingly its been a fun ride, IMO due to Geoff John’s presence on the titles (that man can make poop a compelling character). Supergirl has had a pretty important role in this mainly because her parents Zor-El and Alura have been discovered alive in the city, and since the House of El is a prominent family on Krypton, they are in control. However their reunion is sadly short-lived for this issue marks the death of Zor-El [Superman’s uncle and Kara’s father]. Who was murdered at the hands of Metallo and Reactron [don’t get me started on their awful new costumes]. I feel this was played for shock value and would have loved to of seen more of Zor-El. Especially with him being Jor-El’s brother. Imagine the wealth of information Superman could have received about Jor-El from this character?! Missed Opportunity? Check. Sigh. Supergirl too me isn’t all that interesting mainly because she is just a female Superman. Nothing more, nothing less. Yet my opinions are changing. Which says a lot for writer Sterling Gates, who is making her a character that I can actually care about. She is a character who grew up on Krypton and is very much a Kryptonian, whereas her more famous cousin is a kryptonian that acts and lives like a human. This creates a lot of tension in a situation like New Krypton because she is torn between being a superhero to the human race and her obligation as Kara Zor-El to be loyal to her people. Giving meaning and breathing fresh life into an otherwise stale character. I dig it. I also dig giving Kara a human identity. Not sure how I feel about her being a “Lang” though. It’s kinda random that Lana Lang is working at the Daily Planet. Isn’t there any other news papers in the city? It’s way too convenient for my tastes. She comes off as Clark’s little stalker to me. Not that I would mind a hot, red haired, wealthy woman following me around, but somehow I think Clark would or more so Lois [his wife]. Alura is developing nicely as a character. She comes off as an elitist, which is how a super powered leader of an alien world that is stuck on a world full of lesser beings would act. She blames humans for the death of her husband and of course Superman tells her that two known criminals do not represent the human race. She than reprimands her nephew and daughter for not doing a good job of cleaning up the world before she arrived. Later she ventures to get help from General Zod’s former soldiers. Supergirl gets pissed and flies off. Meeting up with the mysterious “Superwoman”. Superwoman, huh? Couldn’t think of a better name? I know she was a Silver Age character. But come on. Lame name, man. Superwoman basically tells Supergirl that her momma is wrong and not a good leader. She also says she’ll reveal her identity in time. Nice to have a random masked advice giver around, huh? Nightwing and Flamebird are Kandor’s vigilante team whose identities are mysteries as well. They discover that Alura has blueprints to the White House. Blue prints to the White House and the rallying of Zod’s men tell this reader something big is going to happen. Something that involves a lot of “kneeling”. So sweet deal! Zod is coming back and I’m stoked for the return of Krypton’s numero uno badass. Also I’d put money on the fact that Nightwing is Conner Kent [ex Superboy]. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling. In a nutshell this was a difficult issue to review because its part of a larger arc that is happening throughout the Superman titles. However I still really enjoyed it and give it a 4 outta 5. Not perfect, but one of the best Supergirl issues I’ve read. Keep Sterling Gates on this title. Rundown: Story: 4/5 – Great Chapter in the New Krypton arc. Art: 3/5 – Serves its purpose. Yet any comic that Metallo wears that god awful get up is getting docked points. Main Cover 5/5 – Nice, powerful image of Supergirl. Certainly would grab my attention. Second Cover 4/5 – Clean and represents something that occurred in the issue. However it just seems awkward to me and wouldn’t scream “Buy Me!”