THUNDERBOLTS #144WRITER: Jeff ParkerARTIST: Kev WalkerCOLOR ART: Frank MartinLETTERER: Comic Craft's Albert DeschesneCOVER ARTIST: Marko Djurdjevic THUNDERBOLTS #144 was an absolutely fantastic issue that incorporated events from not only the current happenings in the Marvel Universe, but also the past. As this is a new team led by Avenger Luke Cage, the build-up is done quite well; this is a page-turner, to say the least. This issue would have been excellent with just the introduction of the new recruits, but writer Jeff Parker leaves us with a bombshell that will have readers begging for the next issue.Artist Kev Walker, new to Thunderbolts, is the perfect choice for this book. Walker has been a favorite of mine from his days on Annihilation: Nova to Marvel Zombies and the recent Marvel Cosmic mini Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard. Walker brings a slightly dark and gritty style with him that is balanced with a sense of super-hero “fashion.” Partnered with colorist Frank Martin, Walker shows why he is deserving of a book such as Thunderbolts.Captain America Steve Rogers (there’s only one in my book) asks the former Power Man to lead a new team of Thunderbolts to clean up after Green Goblin Norman Osborn’s disorder. There are some questionable choices that will lead to certain trouble down the road for sure. My pick would be Crossbones, the man who put a bullet in Steve.With each “draftee,” you are led to wonder what writer Parker has in store, why he picked who he did and how they suit the team. We get the unstoppable Juggernaut who, after getting the beating of his life from Captain Universe in Amazing Spider-Man in addition to acquiring the Uni-Power for a short time, seems to be on board with Cage 110 percent.  Marko also comes recommended by his half-brother, a certain Professor from the mutant community!Another rather peculiar recommendation comes from the former Mighty Avenger and Supreme Scientist, Hank Pym! If you have been following Dark Avengers at all, you may remember Osborn’s pretenders going to Florida and cutting apart the guardian of the Nexus of Realities, the Man-Thing! Interesting how they are going to use him.Events from recent issues of Thunderbolts and even Iron Man also come into play and of course the recent hit event, Siege. The Heroic Age is upon the Marvel Universe, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the good guys always win!  Thunderbolts #144 is a most intriguing issue from beginning to end, with the end being a new beginning -- or a return to an old one!Excellent issue.