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Movie Review: Survival Of The Dead


Survival of the Dead

Writer/Director:   George Romero

A Direct-to-DVD Movie

Review By: Bill Meneese




Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead films are the progenitors of modern film and comic zombie stories.  It’s interesting that his newest film, Survival of the Dead, has a preview of this fall’s upcoming Walking Dead TV show (based on the comic by Robert Kirkman) where the director of the Walking Dead heaps praise upon Romero for his contributions to zombie genre.

Romero’s previous five zombie films, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and Diary of the Dead were all punctuated by satirical social commentary.  I am happy to say that Survival of the Dead continues Romero’s tradition of social commentary.  Whereas the past films have reflected on the rebelliousness of the 60’s, consumerism, military dictatorships, class conflict, and the reality show trend, Survival of the Dead has perhaps saved the best for last in that it has something to say about religious belief.

The story takes place on an island where the two families that divide and control the island have vastly different ideas about how to respond to the zombie apocalypse.  The more science based family believes the zombies should be destroyed; while the more religious based family believes the zombies should be preserved because they are really still alive.  As you might expect, violent conflict ensues.

The acting is excellent, the cinematography is impressive, and the story is intriguing.  In short, this film offers everything you’d expect from a modern Romero zombie film.  If you like zombie genre, rent this film.
Rating: stars