SECRET AVENGERS #2 SECRET AVENGERS #2 PREVIEW COVER BY:Marko DjurojevicWRITER: Ed BrubakerARTIST: Mike Deodato & Will ConradCOLORED BY:Rain BeredoLETTERED BY: Dave Lanphear   We learn some neat things in SECRET AVENGERS #2. It’s just enough to hold our interest for a second read. (As with last ish, Read No. 1 belongs to the gorgeous artwork of Mike Deodato, this time around with an assist by Will Conrad.) The beginning of this issue is, after a bit of exploration, as action-filled as last issue, with our new Assemblers working together as a team for the first time in the mines of the Red Planet, of all places. It is good to see Steve Rogers back in the thick of it: dividing teams, shouting out commands and living his life the way he should. But then, somewhere out in our solar system, someone removes this tale’s Spock-plug. No, nothing horrible goes awry with either art or story. It is just time for this black ops team to discover a little about itself and let us realize we have some government spies involved in intrigue here -- but they are on freakin’ Mars! The slow-down of this issue allows for us to realize the magnitude, through the Secret Avengers’ eyes, of what is going on at this mining site. The work of the divided teams is especially engaging, with Rhodey and Ant-Man (“the flying team”) winning first prize. I like the never-mentioned touch, as the mostly human Avengers go into the cold airless void on Mars’ surface, of Valkyrie wearing no air helmet (being an Asgardian, you would not expect her too, but it is still one of those little things that is so much appreciated and so much fun in this book!). I also like the new energy-projected shield (complete with star-spangled pattern) of Steve Rogers. It will be interesting to learn more about this feature. What we do not learn more about is: “Nick Fury” and his involvement with the crown (he does have a board of directors), Nova and his relationship with Serpent Crown 2 (he seems to be controlling the workmen, but who or what is controlling him through the crown), and who is our new guest villain (a Silver Samurai look-alike with big muscles, Wolverine claws and apparently alien in nature)? Don’t let me lead you to believe for a second that the shunt from action to slow boil hurts this book in the least. Ed Brubaker has a fine spy soup cooking here and he must add his ingredients slowly and as he sees fit. As long as the surprises and adventure keep coming, so will I. Right now, this is the Avengers book for me!   RELATED: Secret Avengers #1 Review