The Muppet Show BOOM! Studios Rodger Langridge – Writer/ Artist Digikore Studios – Colorist Covers A + B – Rodger Langridge   Warning: Contains Spoilers   Drew’s Review: Wow does this bring back memories! I haven’t seen or heard about the Muppets in years and until now I wasn’t aware of how much I greatly missed them. Of course this time their misadventures are written and (beautifully) drawn by Rodger Langridge. All the beloved characters are written totally in character and seem just the same as when we left them last. This issue itself deals with Kermit missing his swamp. It never once talks down to its intended readership (something most comics geared toward children do) and actually deals with the issue of leaving home brilliantly. There’s a line in one of my all time favorite films Garden State in which Zach Braff’s character states that he is at the point in his life were the place in which he grew up, no longer feels like “home”. This is pretty much exactly what Kermit the Frog is dealing with here, an issue that we all have to face some day. It takes a heck of a writer to make a cartoon character like Kermit compelling. Mr. Langridge does not only that but also manages to weave a fun story that kids will love with just enough of a punch so that “adults” can enjoy. Fantastic story telling here, and the art just helps to enrich it further. My only problem with this issue is that it’s 1 out of 5. So after issue five, we will have to say farewell to Kermit, Gonzo, Ms. Piggy, and the rest of the gang all over again. So, if your one of those readers out there seeking a little nostalgia in your comic stack, then look no further than this little treasure. I give it 4/5 stars (for the nostalgia factor) and recommend that you pick it up for the little one in your life, or you yourself, to enjoy. Here’s hoping for a Pigs in Space spin-off mini series!