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Not Amazing, not Spectacular, not Superior, but just an Ok Spider-Man movie.
There's no way this product could and should be recommended to anyone when there are simply better options.
Put on in the win column for the DCEU! Wonder Woman is a hit!
Tthere is no question it is the weakest link amongst the Piratesfilms. Full review inside.
Alien: Covenant is far away from the original's greatness in all the wrong ways and here's why.
Ridely Scott's Alien: Covenant may be just as bad if not worse than Prometheus. Unforgivable.
Lawrence highly recommends Guardians of the Galaxy 2! See it in IMAX 3D!!
It's a touching tear-jerking story as father and son Batman are reunited!
The Flash continues The Button storyline from last week's Batman, and it does not disappoint!
Great popcorn fun for action junkies as well as a more casual crowd looking for a little zing.
Lots of spoilers inside! Batman #21 gets five stars! 'Nuff said!
How does this one compare to the original?
The live-action doesn't quite have that magical 'it' factor to it.
Lawrence offers: Logan is a very good drama with pockets of intense action, but it has some issues as a cinematic adventure.
Batman is a villain when he wants to do things himself, but a hero when he joins the group.
You won’t see a better action film so get your bloody delights in early!
Lawrence says to avoid Resident Evil: The Final Chapter at all costs!
Is the book aimed at 7-year-olds?
Zero out of five stars.
Written by Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman.
Is the comic as good as Agents of SHIELD's Ghost Rider? Not even close!
Solid movie. Not perfect, not horrible and a ton of nostalgia.
EIC Matt McGloin wasn't that pleased with what he saw from DC TV's Invasion.
Lawrence reviews Marvel Studios' introduction to the supernatural side of the MCU with Doctor Strange.