HULK #12 EARLY REVIEWCOVER BY: ED MCGUINNESSWRITER: JEPH LOEBPENCILS: ED MCGUINNESSIN STORES: MAY 20, 2009 **No Spoilers** Recap:This is the final part of The Defenders vs. The Offenders storyline which began in Hulk #10.Two Elders of the Universe, The GrandMaster and The Collector have brought The Green Hulk, Namor, Silver Surfer and Doc Strange from different timelines to battle Rulk, Tiger Shark, Baron Mordo, and Terrax.Thoughts:Boy! What a fun issue. If you call Loeb’s Hulk book anything you have to at least call it that.I look forward to reading this every month as it is always the knock em’ rock’em clobber fest you would come to expect from Loeb and McGuinness. The book for me is just that entertaining, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.As we have seen in the previous eleven, Rulk kicks all kinds of ass - and takes names! What more do you want!?OK, how about some more clues to the identity of the Red Hulk and a very interesting tidbit on how his powers work. Very interesting!I’m sure classic Hulk fans will be in an uproar over this one - - and over the ending!Oh, and that Rulk knock out punch we saw on the Watcher, well, you ain't seen nothing yet!