HAWKS OF OUTREMEMER #2 HAWKS OF OUTREMEMER #2 Original Story: Robert E. Howard Adapted by: Michael Alan Nelson Artist: Damian Couceiro Colorist: Juan Manuel Tumburus Letter: Johnny Lowe “A” Cover: Joe Jusko “B” Cover: Damian Couceiro   As this is the second installment of this series adapting a relatively unknown Robert E. Howard series, I expected a bit of a slow down after the non-stop action of first issue. Unlike most of Howard’s heroic fiction, Cormac Fitzgeoffrey (the hero of this sequence) resides in a world of a strictly historical setting and unlike heroic fiction the world is not a place of constant excitement and adventure. While Cormac the main focus of this issue, the action hasn’t missed a beat. This issue is more or less a tale of love, betrayal and violence. Coming upon a fellow European being tortured by a Saracen soldier, Cormac wastes no time deciding what to do or taking action once he has. To his surprise, the man is someone he is acquainted with and he shares his story with Cormac detailing his falling in love with a Persian slave girl, his attempts at winning her hand legitimately and ultimately his failure at both that and his attempt to steal her from her master. He is heartened to discover that he and Cormac have a common enemy and that Cormac has already sent him to Hell. When their further discussions reveal that they have further common cause, they join forces and set out to revenge themselves on their lord’s enemies. Damian Couceiro’s art was again excellent and perfectly suited to this type of story. And once again, the “A” cover was provided by Joe Jusko and I was as pleased with it as last issue’s cover. It’s a real treat to see so much of his work lately. But then a thoroughly Howardesque tale, well-adapted by the capable Michael Alan Nelson, is always a treat.