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How good was Marvel's Defenders? On a scale of 1-10? We give it a 6!
Dunkirk is the first non-indy contender for Oscar gold this year!
Not Amazing, not Spectacular, not Superior, but just an Ok Spider-Man movie.
There's no way this product could and should be recommended to anyone when there are simply better options.
Put on in the win column for the DCEU! Wonder Woman is a hit!
Tthere is no question it is the weakest link amongst the Piratesfilms. Full review inside.
Alien: Covenant is far away from the original's greatness in all the wrong ways and here's why.
Ridely Scott's Alien: Covenant may be just as bad if not worse than Prometheus. Unforgivable.
Lawrence highly recommends Guardians of the Galaxy 2! See it in IMAX 3D!!
It's a touching tear-jerking story as father and son Batman are reunited!