Green Lantern #52 DC Comics Geoff Johns, Writer Doug Mahnke, Pencils Christian Alamy, Doug Mahnke, Rebecca Buchman & Keith Champagne, Inks Randy Mayor, Gabe Eltaeb & Carrie Strachan, Colors Rob Leigh, Letters Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy & Randy Mayor, Cover Shane Davis, Sandra Hope & Barbara Ciardo, Variant Cover Adam Schlagman, Assoc. Editor Eddie Berganza, Editor   *Warning: Contains Spoilers*   Well "Blackest Night" is winding down. After years of build up and a year off pay off, Green Lantern finds are finally coming to the end of al ong hard journey. And at the center of it all is the savior of the Universe, Sinestro?   Uh...yeah...I said it, "Sinestro."   Sinestro has become something called a White Lantern, that has its own angel-like avatar. And in this issue writer Geoff Johns, basically goes "Theistic Evolution" on our asses as he goes into the literal history of the DC Universe, it strongly hints at Genesis like origins, but very much holds firm the Charles Darwin-thoughts of Evolution. And speaking of avatars, we see not only the avatars of the colored spectrum, but we see their origin. For instance, Ion, the green whale is the willpower avatar that the Green Lanterns use. Parallax, the yellow insect looking monster powers the fear-based Sinestro/Yellow Lantern Corps; while something called "Predator" (a "Jurassic Park"-like-raptor) is the embodiment of Love (as a guy who spent a good two years in college chasing some blond chick, I get where it comes from). The avatar of the greed-based Orange Lanterns was a snake called Avarice, which has a nod to the "serpent in the Garden of Eden" in the panel; while the Red Lanterns, being Rage is a bull, the Blue Lanterns based around Hope have a cool eagle/hawk looking bird; and Compassion - the Indigo Light bearers - have a being that looks like an octopus.   While Sinestro reveals these origins, the Black Lanterns and the dead planet of Xashi are coming to Earth in a Unicron-like fashion and Green Lantern John Stewart leads a combined multi-colored Lantern assault force against the planet.   As this issue came to a close, Sinestro reveals himself to be the sole Guardian of the Universe, as the White Lantern.   With the final issue of "Blackest Night" #8 due out next, this ought to be good.   This issue was a fun one, and it is leaving me wanting more. I have to say, "Green Lantern" is still worth the cover price.