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Chris Bushley

Review: Generation Hope #1


GENERATION HOPE #1 PREVIEW WRITER:  Kieron Gillen ARTIST:  Salvador Espin COLORS:  Jim Charalampidis LETTERS: Dave Sharpe COVER:  Olivier Coipel, Danny Miki and Laura Martin RELEASE DATE: November 3rd, 2010 PUBLISHER: Marvel     This book shouldn't have been called Generation Hope but rather -- "Generation Hype!"   Hope, Rogue and the four "lights" that have been gathered throughout the pages of Uncanny X-Men, venture to Tokyo, Japan to find the fifth "light." There, they meet with Wolverine and Cyclops, and are attacked by Kenji Uedo, the last troubled mutant to join their group. During the battle, part of Tokyo is encased under a dome and laid to waste.   Sound short and unimpressive? That's because it is!  Kieron Gillen writes an okay story, but there is no weight to it - and there is no real reason to care for these characters. Each character was introduced in the pages of Uncanny X-Men, but they were not given enough "screen" time to really develop a sense of who they are or what their abilities may be. Laurie, a blue skinned college student, has the skin of shifting crystals and the ability to fly; while Idie, a girl from South Africa, has the ability to wield both fire and ice - but that is the extent of our information. Gabriel's powers are never truly explained, he may be a speedster but in Uncanny X-Men he was a time jumper that ages uncontrollably. That only leaves Teon, our two-legged "dog boy," whose characterization is both laughable and forgettable. Urinating on Laurie's leg? -- great mutant power!   Not, that there are not highlights to the story; Gillen does a great job of giving us a sense of how each new mutant sees themselves through a series of inner monologues. Idie and Gabriel's were both impressive works of prose, giving us a sense of who the stand out characters are going to be in future issues. But just as you begin to feel comfortable with Gillen in the driver seat, we meet Kenji Uedo in all his uncontrollable glory. Anyone who has ever seen Akira would scream out, "Tetsuo!!!!!," as we gaze upon the splash page -- a literal copying of the scene in Akira! I cannot believe how blatant Salvador Espin made his splash page, I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel will owe money over copy write infringement.   If these five "lights" are the future of the mutant race, extinction will come faster than if the Scarlet Witch uttered," No more mutants," again!