FARSCAPE: SCORPIUS #4 FARSCAPE: SCORPIUS #4 PREVIEW “Knives at a Gunfight” Story: Rockne S. O’Bannon Script: David Alan Mack Artist: Mike Ruiz Colorist: Nolan Woodward Letterer: Ed Dukeshire   We’ve come to the end of this limited series, though I’m led to believe another is in the works. Cross your fingers, because this series has been fantastic and I definitely want more. Quick recap of previous issues: Scorpius has encountered the extra-universal alien race known as the Grennij, wormed his way into a command position within their fleet and, after seemingly proving his loyalty to the Kkore (a race he considers to be “nearly equal” to himself), he is given a chance to lead a part of their vast war machine. Or so he thinks. Scorpius is finally living his dream; he is in command of a vast war fleet (which is old hat after his time in the Peacekeepers), on his way to conquer the empire of the Scarrans (the Peacekeepers’ ancient enemies and now wary neighbors, as well as Scorpius’ personal bogymen). Scorpius should be on top of the world, and while he is elated, he is also wary. As much as he has gone through to prove his mettle and his faux loyalty to the Kkore, he is highly suspicious that they have seemingly trusted him. After all, he knows quite well that he is untrustworthy. I never saw the twist ending in this issue coming, and you won’t either. My hat is truly off to both Rockne S. and David Alan Mack. Kudos, chums. I mean it. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. I guarantee you won’t be sorry. As usual, the writing and art are both tremendous. Boom! has not put out many comics that are equal to this series. What the Farscape ongoing has lacked, this book has given us in spades. I truly hope this creative team comes back soon with a new book.   RELATED: Farscape: Scorpius #3 Review Farscape: Scorpius #2 Review Review: Farscape: Scorpius #1 Review: Farscape: Scorpius #0