NOVA #35 Written by:  Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning Artist:  Mahmud Asrar Colorist:  Bruno Hang Cover Artist:  Brandon Peterson     Warning:  Contains Spoilers     This issue brings the awesome back to Nova!!!  Thank you DnA!  I loved everything about this issue from cover to cover. First off, Rich Rider is back in the limelight this issue and that is a welcome change from last issue which seemed to focus more on Darkhawk.  I really liked Rich taking charge and showing us what he can do.  This is the mature hero we saw emerge in Annihilation finally re-asserting himself when the chips are down – actually thinking through a strategy and carrying it out.  And man did he carry it out!  We fans have long desired Rich to cut loose with the full power of the Nova Force that he now commands – and he finally did in a big way.  Favorite line:  “I’m holding off a god!” Abnett and Lanning succeed in making the large cast of main and supporting characters in this story arc come together to cope with the Sphinx crisis; giving just about everyone something important to do that advances the story.  I am impressed with their elegant solution to the time paradox issues.  I don’t ever remember seeing such a paradox resolved similarly – yet another element to their fine storytelling that keeps this book feeling fresh and new.  I was especially pleased that they didn’t go the City on the Edge of Forever route with the Nita issue as their unique and unexpected solution actually brings a much needed element to Rich Riders life.  I look forward to seeing how Rich will cope; and I look forward to learning what consequences Rich’s decision will hold for the 616 Quantum Reality. Asrar’s art was eye candy from the first panel to the last.  He really captured the look and feel of Nova – and I think this is his best work on the book so far.    Hang’s colors brought richness and vibrancy to the action sequences – perfectly matching Asrar’s dynamic art.  Once again Peterson delivers a hauntingly elegant cover that will long be remembered by the fans. In short, everything about Nova worked this issue.  The Sphinx story arc ended with a much needed payoff – and produced some elements that will live on in Nova lore for years.  My hat is off to you Mr. Abnett and Mr. Lanning.  Thank you for recognizing the potential that we fans have always known the character possessed – and thank you for bringing it to us in the best Nova series to have ever graced the comics stacks. Article by:  Bill Meneese