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SDCC '10: Captain America and Thor Movie Panel Follow along LIVE with Cosmic Book News and Marvel! Images below the feed! Full write-up after the panel! 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Pacific, Marvel Studios 7/24/10 Marvel Studios presents "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger." Join Producer Kevin Feige and special guests as they give you an inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hall H RELATED: SDCC '10: Cup o Joe Panel SDCC: The Heroic Age - The Avengers Panel SDCC: X-Men Panel SDCC: Mondo Marvel Panel SDCC Resource Page Recap for those who may not be able to view the Live feed below: AVENGERS CAST Courtesy Newsarama There is a fifteen minute delay due to the previous panel running a little late. Ok here we go! Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is on stage. He mentions Thor - crowd goes nuts. Captain - louder! He talks about creating the Marvel Universe on screen; that says its difficult because of rights issues and additional factors. Captain America: First Avenger footage is shown! Chris Evans is shown full costume and throws the shield at the audience! Now Director Joe Johnston, Chris Evans (Cap) and Hugo Weaving (Red Skull) are now on stage. Johnston mentions its about telling the film's origin. Chris Evans mentions its a bit intimidating and he started five days ago. He says the suit is fantastic. Next, Hugo Weaving! The actor is asked how he prepared to play the part of the Red Skull. He listed to Werner Herzog and another German artist and synthesized the voices to create the voice. He is asked about wearing the mask and replies it has only been one day, "Its an extraordinary creation." Director Joe Johnston mentions Ed Brubaker's Captain America comic book -- he loves it! Regarding the Captain America costume leaked online - its not the final version. Feige mentions how they have only been shooting for 8 days and some of the stuff they are seeing was shot only last week. More footage from the Cap movie featuring a Cosmic Cube! Its 1942 pre-Skull Hugo Weaving! This is tieing into Thor now - Weaving calls it the tesseract, the jewel of Odin's treasure room. He throws it on the gournd, it shatters; he knew it was fake and continues looking for the real one. He finds it and it ends with, "It's not for the eyes of ordinary men." "Exactly." "Hammer time!" Kenneth Branagh, director on Thor, is on stage and discussing the character; that he isn't all that familiar with America comics but he does love Thor and what he stands for. The rest of the cast now comes on stage: Clark Greg, Tom Hiddleston, Kat Dennin, Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth who is playing the Mighty Thor! The crowd erupts to Hemsworth being announced and the actor says he looked to the comic book for inspiration on how to hold Mjolnir, how Thor should move etc. He gives huge props to Anthony Hopkins playing Odin. Next, Natalie Portman mentions how excited she was to play the character, a scientist on screen. She is asked about Star Wars and says that it wasn't disppointing to her. Tom Hiddleston, Loki, is up. He is discussing how playing the character was enjoyable and complex. "He coulda been the guy, but he's not the guy." He goes on to discuss how great of a liar Loki is with, "He's a great liar. Can you tell if he's lying or telling the truth." It's now discussed how Thor connects with Iron Man 2; how at the end Thor's hammer was found. Movie footage is shown -- in 3D! This is showing how Asgard/Thor will connect with earth. Footage of Asgard is shown with the space gods, Warriors 3 and Thor and Odin arguing -- who casts his son out. He is on earth where Natalie Portman find's him and being interrogated by a SHIELD agent. They discuss who he is and his powers with, "Your ancestors called it magic. You call it science. In my land, its one and the same." Loki is shown as ruler of Asgard! The Destroyer is also shown...destroying with beams coming from his face. Q&A time! Its mentioned that there will be Donald Blake surprises when "Edward Norton" is shouted from the audience! Feige says he is not here today and is answered with "booo's" from the audience! The panel isn't over yet he says! Hemsworth tells the audience he read up on tons of comics and norse mythology to prepare for the part. R-rated movies are asked about with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige saying,  "Frank Castle is under the roof of Marvel Studios now and we hope to bring him into the fray shortly." It is said Wolverine won't be in any of the movies as he is still under Fox. The movie footage is being shown again. Now Avengers teaser with Nick Fury narrating! AVENGERS Courtesy CBR Samuel Jackson is there! So is Scarlett Johannsen! Clark Greg is back on stage - Fury's right hand man in SHIELD; as is Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans! ROBERT DOWNEY JR! He grabs the mic - Jeremy Renner is playing Clint Barton in the role of Hawkeye. It's official! Mark Ruffalo is Bruce Banner! Joss Whedon, Director on Avengers, walks out to a thunderous applause! Joss has had this dream all his life and it was not this good. This is Joss' dream time. This is the Avenger, more than the sum of its parts. They all pose for some pictures on stage -- and that's it! UPDATED: Watch the video of Samuel Jackson introducing the cast and Robert Downey Jr.!     <a href="http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php/option=com_mobile/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=b057f9c0ae" mce_href="http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php/option=com_mobile/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=b057f9c0ae" >Marvel Studios Panel Liveblog</a>