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Matt McGloin

Quasar -What Do You Think?!


*Spoilers For Realm of Kings #1 Below* Just in case you got trapped in the Negative Zone or even Ultimately Nullified, Realm of Kings was released yesterday to great fanfare! The majority of fans seems to be pleased with the issue. However, this issue left many wondering what's next for the Cosmic Aven... errr... Evil Avenger?! Over at the Cosmic Book News REALM OF KINGS FORUM fellow poster Norch brings up a good point: The only thing that confused me was at the end when our Quasar was flying back towards the Fault only to get a glimpse of the many-angled ones and then it cuts to Project Pegasus, I thought the Quasar that appeared at Project Pegasus was the good Quasar only infected by the many-angled ones. Because I thought when he entered the dead universe he and the evil Quasar collided, thus his energy form took control of the death-Quasar's body. Many assume that as our Quasar went to the other world, the Evil Quasar came to ours. However, as Norch stated, the same time they were going through The Fault - our Quasar became whole again. And then when returning, was "infected" -- as this Quasar did say it was good to be home. So what do you think? Head on over to our Realm of Kings #1 One Shot Discussion ((Spoilers)) Thread and discuss! 11/20/09 UPDATED: EXCLUSIVE - Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann comments on Evil Quasar and a preview pencils page by Kev Walker!