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Matt McGloin

Incredible Hercules Ends With Chaos War


About an hour ago, Incredible Hercules and Chaos War writer Fred Van Lente tweeted, "Just typed 'So Ends the Eighth & Final Volume of THE INCREDIBLE HERCULES' in me & Greg's outline. Sigh. Thanks, all you readers, thank you." While Van Lente went on to say that IHerc was intended to be eight volumes (Chaos War being the eighth) he made another rather interesting remark with, "Thanks for the kind words, all. Fortunately, the iHerc saga will live on forever in the hearts of readers. And, somewhere, in illegal scans." Sounds like Marvel Brass may have ended Herc due to lower sales? Certainly one would think if Chaos War was a huge success Herc would go on in some form, however judging from Van Lente's series of tweets there doesn't seem to be a future for Herc. Definitely not for an Incredible Hercules ongoing. This brings up the problem of illegal downloading and lower selling books. Would recently canceled titles such as Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.W.O.R.D., Brother Vodoo, Young Allies (and more) have survived if those who downloaded actually paid for the book? Furthermore, does this support the argument that the more obscure characters could succeed in the digital realm - if the price was right (99 cents seems to be the general consensus)? Either way, it's a shame that all these great characters seem to be getting axed by Marvel's sales threshold. Add to it, the House of Ideas seems to be putting out more and more of the popular characters in different titles of their own which spells certain doom for any niche type book - or for that matter the niche reader. So what happens to the Fred Van Lente/Greg Pak team? While Fred said he cannot comment post-Chaos War he stated, "Can't discuss post-CHAOS WAR plans for iHerc characters. Or the GP/FVL duo. But big things are in the works for at least one of them."