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Matt McGloin

Chaos War is Five Issues


Yesterday's issue of Chaos War #3 had a misprint on the cover that stated it was "3 of 4." Marvel confirmed that should have read "3 of 5." Chaos War #5 hits January 26th, 2011!   CHAOS WAR #5 COVER BY: BRANDON PETERSON WRITER: FREDERICK JAN VAN LENTEGREGORY PAK PENCILS: KHOI T. PHAM INKS: THOMAS PALMER COLORED BY: SUNNY GHO LETTERED BY: SIMON BOWLAND THE STORY: THIS IS IT!! THE MARVEL UNIVERSE'S LAST STAND! The Chaos King unleashes his ultimate attack against reality as we know it -- and our survival depends on a boy, his god, and their ragtag band of allies: The Mighty Thor! The Incredible Hulks! The Dead (and Living?) Avengers! The X-Men! Alpha Flight! But are they enough to stand against THE ANTI-ETERNITY ... The force that seeks to negate all existence itself? In this issue, the universe dies and everyone wins! …What? PRICE: 3.99 IN STORES: January 26, 2011