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Declaration of Independents


DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENTS • 7/3/09 ROBERT HESKE CosmicBookNews spoke with the creator of BONE CHILLERS: TALES OF SUBURBAN MURDER AND MALICE and THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST! • 7/1/09 SAM JOHNSON INTERVIEW CosmicBookNews spoke with the creator of Geek-Girl on a varitey of subject including why he writes with a female lead, his influences and more! • 6/25/09 AARON STUEVE INTERVIEW CosmicBookNews spoke with the writer of Blue Water Production's Legend of Isis. • 6/10/09 JUSTIN MURPHY INTERVIEW CosmicBookNews spoke with the creator of Cleburne a Civil War graphic novel based on confederate soldier, Patrick Cleburne. • 6/5/09 NORRIE KO AND JASON DUBE INTERVIEW CosmicBookNews spoke with the creators of Waiting For Something To Happen on the books creation and much more! • 5/24/09 SPOTLIGHT ON JASON DUBE Dube was kind enough to share some of his art with CosmicBookNews including a ten page preview of Shattered. • 5/22/09 NEWS: Heske Horror’s Bone Chiller Wins Bronze at 13th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards. Bone Chiller, a comic anthology penned by R.M. Heske with illustrations by indie horror’s leading and emerging artists, received a Bronze medal at the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards in the Horror category. • 5/21/09 JASON STEPHENS INTERVIEW CosmicBookNews caught up with the Octane Comics creator of Disconnected: Tales of the Sovereign about his inspirations and influences, his favorite writers and artists, Jason even shares a little advice for aspiring comic creators! • 5/18/09 NEWS: Theres an Alien in my Toilet Vol #1 Available for Pre-Order: Crazee Comics Media Group A Small Press Publisher of Comic Books and Kids books has announced today that its flagship title, Theres an Alien in my Toilet Vol #1 is available for pre-order. • 5/18/09 JESSE JAMES YOUNG & ROBERT JAMES RUSSELL INTERVIEW CosmicBookNews caught up with two promising creators, founder/co-president's of Saint James Comics about their newest comic Ex Occultus and more. • 5/11/09 RICK ROSS INTERVIEW CosmicBookNews' Matt McGloin spoke with Rick Ross, the Agitainment.Comics creator about his webcomic U.F.O., penciling Image/Shadowline Urban Monsters, the Indie scene and more! • 5/10/09: REVIEW: THE UNIQUES #1 It is creators like this that make me glad to have done this “Declaration of Independents” as I have just come across a gem of a book. If you haven’t read this, this is the best darn book you are not reading READ THE FIRST ISSUE FOR FREE!. • 5/9/09 NEWS: RAVEN'S DOJO: Raven's Dojo is rapidly gaining readers! The series recently restarted with a full color, MWF updating schedule, so it's very new reader friendly. It's a great time to get into the comic! • 5/6/09: REVIEW: DISCONNECTED #1 & 2 from Octane Comics! Man, was this a good comic! I loved the dialogue and the witty banter displayed between the Sovereign and his supporting cast. A lot of writers go for the “witty banter” and cool catch phrases, however, they never seem to make them actually work. Read the rest! • 5/4/09 JOSH WAGNER INTERVIEW CosmicBookNews caught up with the Fiction Clemens writer. He discussed how the concept of Fic began, the Indie comic scene and what projects he has coming up. • 5/3/09 NEWS: DRUNK: A Comic About Bar Stories. Drunk is a limited edition hard cover graphic novel about bar stories. • 5/1/09 NEWS: Grim Crew Announces Digital Release of GRIM FURRY TALES: SEEDS and Exclusive Deal with Drive Thru Comics. • 4/30/09: REVIEW: AMERICAN MCGEE'S GRIMM from IDW! I don't play games. Well, sure, mind games, but I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about online or video or MMPRP or BURP or PlayWiiCubeStationthingy... electronic games. Okay, maybe I've dabbled with them... - Read More! • 4/29/09: ELLIOT SERRANO INTERVIEW: The Dynamite Entertainment writer spoke with CosmicBookNews on a varitey of subjects including his very own Army of Darkness/Xena comic, favorite writers and give some advice for aspiring creators! • 4/28/09 NEWS: THE ADVENTURES OF LIGHTNING SQUIRREL #3 Jeffrey F. Kipnis will soon be releasing Issue #3 of The Adventures of Lightning Squirrel! • 4/27/09: CosmicBookNews launches DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENTS! Read the official press release which contains contact information and banners.