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Zack Snyder Slams Iron Man, compares the Man of Steel to Zeus - Superman (2012)



Previously, Zack Snyder remarked about Thor having a movie, now the director on the new Superman says the same about Marvel's Iron Man.

Speaking with The Play List, Snyder reiterated that he couldn't believe Superman didn't have a movie, while a character like Iron Man had four, and compres there being no Supes to there being a movie about the Greek Gods - minus Zeus!

“I’m a fan of ‘Iron Man’ movies, but really? ‘Iron Man,’ a whole franchise of movies, ‘Iron Man 4’? Fair enough, but the fact that we don’t have a ‘Superman’ movie in the midst of this is crazy,” Snyder said of the current super-hero movie craze. “It’s would be like if we were making a movie about all the greek gods, but no one had made a movie about Zeus because they’re like, ‘I don’t know what to do with him, he’s too awesome.’ We’re at this point where all of these minor Gods have movies and franchises, and it just seems to me that it’s time to fix that.”

The more I hear from Snyder, the better his Superman is sounding.

I love how he stated how no one knew what to do with "him" because "he's too awesome."

Here at Cosmic Book News, part of what we do is follow all the powerful comic book characters. Time and time again we've heard that powerful characters are too hard to write - with my reply always being -- then you should find a writer that can.

Interestingly enough, while DC and Warner Bros. take on the more powerful cosmic characters, their direct competition, Marvel Comics (and Studios), is constantly putting out what we comic fans dub "Street-Level" characters. Also, interstingly enough, the powerful characters they do have - have either been done away (Sentry, Nova) with or been "depowered" (Silver Surver, Hercules, Incredible Hulk).

Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch hits theaters March 25th, 2011. Head on over here to view a large gallery of eye-popping pics and trailers.

Superman flies into theaters December 2012 directed by Zack Snyder starring Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel and Diane Lane as Martha "Ma" Kent.

Be sure to check out the Cosmic Book News Superman Movie Hub for even more news and information.

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