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WonderCon 2012: X-Men: A return to the X-treme!


947 If you were a fan of the many incarnations of Exiles like I was, then the news at WonderCon 2012 from Marvel big-wig Tom Brevoort that the House of Ideas will be relaunching X-treme X-Men in July was a welcome one.

Not because it means a return of Chris Claremont’s favorite mutants looking into the diaries of Destiny. No, this will be spinning out of the pages of Astonishing X-Men where writer Greg Pak looked at some mutants with major chops from an alternate universe. And if you loved that kind of thing in Exiles, Pak says, you will love the adventures of Alterna-Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Emily Frost in this new mag.

And the 616 Dazzler, another of my favorites, will be along for the ride.

Our friends at iFanboy have a great interview with Pak (Hulk, Hercules) up on their site, and it reveals the writer will be reteamed in X-treme with Silver Surfer artist Stephen Segovia.

“In Astonishing X-Men #44-47, we threw Cyclops into an alternate reality where he teamed up with some unexpected incarnations of his closest friend and took on a massive threat to mutant-kind across multiple worlds,” Pak told iFanboy. “The new X-treme X-Men starts as Cyclops reaches back through realities to find out what happened to his Alterna-X-Men friends – and all hell breaks loose.”

Pak said the similarity to Exiles is not a coincidence,

X-Men editor extraordinaire Nick Lowe and I definitely talked about Exiles when we were planning my Astonishing run,” he said. “ -- We’re not planning to tie the book too tightly to previous stories or alternative universes – the goal is to create new stories and worlds that will bring out the characters and themes we’re playing with in the biggest way possible.”

As an Exiles and X-Men aficionado, I am looking forward to the whole dimension-popping sci-fi experience.

See you in X-treme X-Men in July!

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