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X-Men: First Class writers on Fantastic Four movie reboot: "It should be Star Wars meets superheroes"


pic So what did we think about the first two Fantastic Four movies from Fox Studios?

To be honest, I thought they were not bad, and I thought the Surfer was pretty frickin' sweet (check out the Doug Jones image gallery!). Actually, it didn't bother me that Galactus didn't get portrayed. I kinda agree with the notion that the Big G is above and beyond most of us "meager" humans (much the way DnA penned "G" in their stellar Nova series, which was awesome).

Well, the writers behind X-Men: First Class, want to get their hands on the Fanatastic Four - and even commented at the recent MCM Expo London Comic Con.

This comes via CoventryTelegraph.net, who were on hand to attend a panel featuring Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, writers on X-Men: First Class.

(Note: I believe, Fox needs to do another FF movie pretty soon in order to keep the rights.)

"We would absolutely love to reboot the Fantastic Four. There is a franchise that's crying out for it. The Fantastic Four are adventurers, not superheroes, and we have not seen that so far," said Miller. ""It should all be about venturing into the unknown, space, the Negative Zone, the Microverse. They are explorers. It should be Star Wars meets superheroes."


"It should be Star Wars meets superheroes."

Those are some bold words!

Sounds a lot like the type of comic books most folks seem to enjoy here at Cosmic Book News. No?

Actually, Marvel has given the Fantastic Four a reboot, of sorts, as the death of Johnny "The Human Torch" Storm has let to an all new "FF" team - The Future Foundation, which does have elements of what Ms. Miller describes.

And we're all down for that!

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