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X-Men: First Class: 10 Questions with Bryan Singer



Bryan Singer, producer on X-Men: First Class, answered 10 questions submitted on Facebook. You can head there to ask your own questions of the cast.

Check it out:

If you were a mutant what kind of power would u want to have and why?

Bryan Singer: I would like the power of Nightcrawler or Azazel; the ability to teleport anywhere.

Who is your favorite x-men character and why?

Bryan Singer: Professor X because he is both powerful and vulnerable.

Was there a character from the old comics you would love to have seen in this movie that hasn't been in previous movies, and was not able to be put into this movie?

Bryan Singer: Quiksilver.

What made you choose Emma Frost to play a part in "X-Men: First Class"? Overall, what do you think of her character in the movie?

Bryan Singer: You can't have the Hellfire Club without Emma Frost. She is sexy and scary.

Does this movie fall in the category of prequel, reboot or bit of both? Nevertheless, I'm very open-minded for this movie! =)

Bryan Singer: Prequel

What are your plans for the X-Men franchise after First Class?

Bryan Singer: I am just focusing on this one at the moment.

Is there less pressure producing this film as opposed to directing it (like "X-Men" 1 and 2), or are the pressures just different - with different things expected from you?

Bryan Singer: I can absolutely say from my standpoint that there is less pressure. There is no position with more pressure than directing. Hats off to Matthew.

What was the deciding factor on changing the origin story of the X-Men instead of going with the comic book?

Bryan Singer: I felt that to earn the First Class title, it was important to go back to the formation of the X-Men and the beginnings of Xavier and Magneto's relationship.

What about this period in history intrigued you?

Bryan Singer: It is a time of socio-political upheaval in the world. The height of the cold war period. The birth of the civil rights movement. And the birth time of the X-Men comic book.

Was it a conscious decision by the team to pick and choose which parts of previous movies would be canon to this movie? (White Queen already appearing in other movies, etc.)

Bryan Singer: We did our best to maintain continuity with the other films. But as sometimes happens for the sake of telling the most compelling story possible, we made a few concessions.

"X-Men: First Class" opens June 3rd, 2011 and is directed by Matthew Vaughn and produced by Bryan Singer.

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