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/ 1 year 31 weeks ago

X-Force Movie Not A Sequel Says Jeff Wadlow



Fox scooped up Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow to take on the X-Force movie as they realized the director was going to quickly become a hot commodity in Hollywood and wanted by a lot of the other film studios.

Wadlow is currently writing the big screen adaptation of X-Force with it looking likely he will direct as well.

There has been talk of which characters will be featured as part of the team with speculation ranging from the classic characters of the 1990s Rob Liefeld comic book to the new version known as "Uncanny X-Force."

Jeff Wadlow has even hinted that he may us existing X-Men movie characters, but re-imagined.

Now, Wadlow is asked more about the team of X-Force, evading the line of questioning, but does offer that X-Force will not be a sequel to any of the existing X-Men movies and will still exist in the same universe.

"It will seamlessly exist in the X-Men cinematic universe, but it's not a sequel," Wadlow told DenofGeek.

We can further speculate from that answer that X-Force will not be continuing any of the storylines seen in the previous X-Men movies, but doesn't rule out featuring shared movies characters as Mark Millar recently stated both the Fantastic Four Films and X-Men films will co-exist.

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