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WonderCon 2012: Huge Plans For Marvel Cosmic; Thanos To Return


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While some Marvel Cosmic fans may be in a tizzy over the newly announced Kid Nova, Ms. Captain Marvel and Space Punisher, we do get some - hopefully - good news out of this weekend's WonderCon.

At yesterday's "Talk To The Hat" panel (via CBR), it was mentioned that big plans for Marvel Cosmic are underway.

Brevoort also teased plans to help expand plans for the cosmic side of Marvel. "There are big huge massive plans for Marvel's cosmic side, some of which you'll see before the year is out, some of which you'll see in 2013," he said. "There are some things percolating in other titles that I don't want to point you to yet. We're ready to dive in all the way up to our eyebrows and make it a centerpiece in the Marvel Universe in a big way."

Part of those plans is most likely the new Guardians of the Galaxy series that is due out around this Summer. Cosmic Book News was told there were plans for that last October at the New York Comic Con. Jonathan Hickman has also been writing various cosmic threads into Fantastic Four, and with Hickman leaving both FF books come October -- will he be part of this? Likewise, Rick Remender has recently taken over Secret Avengers, and we do see the return of Mar-vell, so most likely look for more there as well.

And also the following tidbit on Thanos comes up:

The cosmic questions came up again with a question about Thanos. "Yes, you'll see some more of Thanos within the next six months," said Brevoort.

Last we see of Thanos was in an issue of Avengers. Doctor Strange cast a spell to protect one of the Infinity Gems from the hood, making it look as if Thanos was present. The real Thanos disappeared with Nova and Star-Lord at the end of The Thanos Imperative.

Now will Marvel return to something along the lines of their Annihilation-era Marvel Cosmic? Or will it be something more akin to Kid Nova and the new Captain Marvel? What will the new Guardians of the Galaxy look like?

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