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Matt McGloin

Who the White Lantern was really meant to be! Or is! (Spoilers)


Spoilers, ahoy!


picOkay, I've been holding on to this since Brightest Day began, but what the heck. Seeing how the conclusion to Brightest Day #23 was leaked - and then revealed by DC -- why not?

As we saw in today's issue: Alec Holland is "Earth's Ultimate Savior" - Swamp Thing!

I thought that was pretty cool; I wasn't expecting it.

Does that mean Holland is the White Lantern?

A source that works for Warner Bros. said that the plan was for Deadman to become the White Lantern. It wasn't set in stone, so that obviously explains Swamp Thing. I was told that bit of Brightest Day info - and some info about the big bad guy in Green Lantern -- and it wasn't Krona! Again, this was right around when BD first started and wasn't anything concrete.  I won't spoil the GL part of it, as it could potentially still happen.

Let's just hope I didn't spoil who the White Lantern is really going to be, eh?!

Guess, we'll find out in Brightest Day #24.