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/ 2 years 23 weeks ago

From Where I Sit: The Comic Book Year of 2012



I know the Christmas goose hasn’t even been cooked yet. Still, things move fast around the Cosmic Book News offices in December with the holidays in full swing, so your ever-lovin’ M.E. thought he might as well present thoughts back at the comic book year that was 2012 and a slight peek or two towards a promising (?) future.

If you don’t like this list, fine. Go to the CBN forum and make one of your own so we can make fun of it!

Without further adieu:


Best new couple: Superman and Wonder Woman


Best old couple:Aquaman and Mera (Runner up: Stark and Cap)


Favorite couple:Rictor and Shatterstar


Best new team book:Avengers


Best new cosmic team book:Hypernaturals


Best new team book writer:Jonathan Hickman


Most convoluted team concept:All New X-Men


Most missed canceled title:Uncanny X-Men, Volume 1


Most unappreciated team book:X-Factor


Most promising team concept:Uncanny Avengers


Diamond in the rough:X-Treme X-Men


Most anticipated new book:Threshold (Runner up: Talon)


Least anticipated new book:Nova


Least anticipated writer on a new book:Brian Michael Bendis on Guardians of the Galaxy


Best New 52 book:Batman (Runner up: Aquaman)


Most cosmic New 52 series:the Green Lantern family of books


Most consistently beautiful book (art):Green Lantern (Doug Mahnke); (Runner up: Aquaman, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado)


Most beautiful Marvel NOWbook (art): Thor, God of Thunder (Esad Ribic)


Most disappointing book:Stormwatch


Best new villain:Sublime (Hypernaturals)


Best old villain:The Joker (Everywhere!)


Biggest disappointing event:Avengers vs. X-Men


Biggest thriller:Death of the Family event (Batman family of books)


Best hero of 2012: Batman


Best book of 2012:Batman


And that’s 2012 from where I sit. How about you?

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