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Byron Brewer

What the D'ast? The Unspoken


(Editor’s note: This is another in a series of irregularly-scheduled columns by Managing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with Marvel Cosmic and its many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of He welcomes both raves and opposing views.) By Byron Brewer THE UNSPOKEN We have certainly learned a lot about the hidden secrets of the Inhumans over the last few years. Universal brotherhood through Kree experimentation aside, one of the less interesting secrets we have discovered has, to this day, remained … unspoken. In his failed quest to tell stories of “Avenger-y” Avengers, writer Dan Slott created an Inhuman ancestor that reeked of 1960s Kirby power. Even the energy bubbles around his cosmic flames looked like they had been inked by the great Joe Sinnott, the King’s best collaborator. The unmentioned and unmentionable monarch of Attilan had never been heard of in the history of the Boltagon family. But this powerful cousin turned out to be a beloved ruler, popular with the people of Attilan and kind to the slave class of the Inhumans, the Alpha Primitives. It was the upstart actions of today’s Royal Family – Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, et al – that started the Unspoken’s downward spiral, making him an outcast in his own kingdom and an outcast on Earth as, years later, Attilan blasted off for the moon. Thus, the Unspoken became the first – and last – brand new villain of The Mighty Avengers. But Slott’s Man Who Would Be King, for all his cosmic power and awesome appearance, turned out to be nothing but the biggest whiner in Marvel history. If similar Kirby-sized powerhouses like Blastaar and Mangog had acted like the Unspoken when they were first penned by Stan the Man, they would not be popular baddies they remain today. D’ast, Blastaar has even fought alongside many of our cosmic champions! Like I said, the Unspoken isn’t shy on power. At 7-foot-6 and close to 300 pounds, he is certainly intimidating enough in personal combat. The Unspoken can also access an as yet unrevealed amount of Inhuman powers but apparently cannot maintain them indefinitely as he has only been observed accessing a handful of these abilities simultaneously, turning off used powers as new powers are accessed. Demonstrated powers of the Unspoken include but may not be limited to: superhuman strength (allowing him to lift 100 tons); durability; cosmic energy generation; geokinesis; creation of hard light blades; exhalation of gale-force winds; and size manipulation. Besides being the ultimate whiner, the Unspoken harbors intense self-hatred. He truly was a miserable fellow. Following a momentous battle against the Avengers and other Earth heroes and exposure to the time-alternating Chronal Ray of the Slave Machine courtesy of Amadeus Cho, the Unspoken was reduced to a geriatric Inhuman, unable to recall events of his life or to defend himself. This is one galactic giant I was happy to see exit the cosmic canvas!