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Byron Brewer

What The D'ast? Mangog


  (Editor’s note: This is another in a series of twice-weekly columns by Managing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with Marvel Cosmic and its many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of He welcomes both raves and opposing views.) By Byron Brewer MANGOG Another big King Kirby bruiser – they litter the Marvel Cosmos, don’t they, thank heaven – Mangog as an entity was really a show of the great power of All-Father Odin, king of the Norse gods of Asgard. Mangog first appears in a multi-issue storyline in the title Thor, and is depicted as being the sum total of the hatred of a billion billion beings that were once killed by Odin. Imprisoned beneath Asgard, Mangog is accidentally freed by Ulik (who was recently featured in a CBN story about the troll’s return in the Iron Man/Thor mini!). Mangog possesses the strength, endurance and durability of a billion billion beings, considerably exceeding that of Thor, and has the ability to manipulate magic for energy projection and shapeshifting. Storming Asgard upon being released by Ulik,  Mangog is intent on drawing the Odinsword from its scabbard, which will end the universe. Thor battles Mangog to a standstill until Odin defeats the cosmic demon by restoring the race he slew to life, which reduces the creature to a diminutive size. Like Ulik and others, Mangog becomes a perennial foe of Asgard, reappearing when freed by the god Loki and a traitorous magician called Igron. Mangog assumes the form of Odin, who has been imprisoned, and slays Igron. As Odin, Mangog then attempts to banish Thor's ally, Balder, from the Golden Realm. After a series of skirmishes with Thor, the creature is defeated when Thor frees his father. The character’s most interesting appearance comes when he really goes cosmic, serving as a thrall of the mad Titan Thanos. The Purple One is seeking universal domination (what else is new?) and he hopes Mangog can help that effort. Mangog is eventually destroyed by Thor (the Thunder God places his mystic hammer Mjolnir in the creature's mouth and blasts it internally) and Thanos (later revealed to have been a “Thanosi” clone) was defeated. In one of the final issues of the second volume of Thor, Mangog was again destroyed by Thor, seemingly for good. As a fan of Kirby’s all-powerful cosmic creatures (Mangog, Ulik, Blastaar), I hope we can see this yellow fellow making mischief across the galaxy -- or the Rainbow Bridge – again soon.