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Byron Brewer

What the D'ast? Gog


  (Editor’s note: This is another in a series of irregularly-scheduled columns by Managing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with Marvel Cosmic and its many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of He welcomes both raves and opposing views.) By Byron Brewer If you do not remember a time in Marvel’s history when aliens were everywhere, even in those books starring “street-level” characters (as we say today) like Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil, you missed out on a fun time and you likely missed out on Gog. This was a time when, for some reason, artist Gil Kane was – like Romita Sr. before him and Byrne after him – kicking out almost every single cover on Marvel’s schedule. He was also drawing Amazing Spider-Man and co-created (along with Rascally Roy Thomas) Gog. Gog is a great character, a member of the extraterrestrial Tsiln race. Gog resembles a gigantic reptilian humanoid, someone you might meet from the SavageLand, yet despite his monstrous appearance and demeanor he is actually quite intelligent. Gog is capable of creating very complex devices and problem-solving on the psionic level. Leave it to Kraven the Hunter to dig up this alien in (where else?) the aforementioned SavageLand. Kraven finds a crashed spaceship in quicksand there and ventures inside. There he finds the juvenile and miniscule Gog and another member of the Tsiln species which apparently died during the craft’s landing. Deciding to save the young Gog from his sinking ship, Kraven takes him with him, names him and decides to raise him as a pet. Much to Kraven’s surprise, Gog rapidly grows to gigantic size only days after being found. Kraven, realizing how useful Gog can be, decides to use him in a plot to conquer the SavageLand. After kidnapping Gwen Stacy from a visiting reporter camp (also housing J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker) in the SavageLand, Kraven and Gog battle Spidey and (here he comes!) Ka-Zar! While Ka-Zar deals with Kraven, Spider-Man defeats Gog by luring him into a patch of quicksand. Gog gets that sinking feeling. Gog would later be found and rescued by the Plunderer, brother of Ka-Zar. Having Gog, who appreciatively designed a complex mental link to thwart their language problem, as his servant, the Plunderer uses him in a plot to steal a Super-Soldier serum variant in New York. Followed to New York by Ka-Zar, Gog and the Plunderer battle him before Gog, using teleportation bracelets, escapes, first to the Statue of Liberty, then the World Trade Center and finally, to the Haizlip dimension. Gog is later discovered in that dimension by Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Six, who induct the alien into their group as its sixth and final member. Aiding the Sinister Six fight a multitude of heroes, Gog is beaten in combat by the hero Solo and shrunken to more manageable size by Reed Richards. Gog is then sent back to Haizlip, which he now apparently considers home. I miss creations like Gog. No matter how human the hero, it was always fun when Roy or Stan would remind us – hey, you are reading a comic book. Let’s have some fun! Come back, Gog! I am ready for more fun!