Watchmen 2: First Look At Nite Owl and The Comedian Cover Art; Amanda Connor on Silk Spectre

Posted By: Matt McGloin
12/26/2011 - 3:42pm


Rumored for some time, now we can say it is official - Watchmen 2 is a go!

Bleeding Cool, who has been the front runner with all the inside info on the Watchmen sequel, has released a first look at two pieces of cover art.

First up is the Nite Owl from the father and son team of Joe and Andy Kubert.

Next up, is cover art for The Comedian by JG Jones.

And finally, BC has it on good word that Amanda Connor is on the Silk Spectre.

While not officially announced, it's being said that there are four Watchmen prequel minis being released, with Darwyn Cooke at the lead.

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