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Watch Superman 75th Panel With Henry Cavill & David Goyer: Could Be Superman Vs. Batman (Video)



Saturday, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment held the Superman 75th Anniversary panel at Comic-Con featuring Henry Cavill and David Goyer.

The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel writer made a brief comment on the recently announced Superman/Batman movie.

Goyer comments on what took place at the Legendary panel with Zack Snyder appearing along side Harry Lennix, who read lines from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel.

Goyer then says the movie is going into production for a 2015 release and says they actually aren't sure yet what the title will be.

"Whether it's Superman vs. Batman, Batman vs. Superman, but yes, that rematch, that combination, the two guys on the screen, that's happening," Goyer said.

The crowd erupts - with Cavill noticeably silent - with Goyer adding, "I also want to say I grew up reading comics and read The Dark Knnight Returns and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be writing Batman...Superman... That's crazy."

Warner Bros. also released an official statement that read a new Batman will be cast and Christopher Nolan will be on as executive producer.

Superman/Batman, the sequel to Man of Steel, goes into production next year for a 2015 release starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

For more news on the Man of Steel and related movies head on over to the Cosmic Book News Superman movie hub.

Here is video from the Superman 75th anniversary panel which also features Henry Cavill answering fan questions including which super power he would want as well as what he liked most about the physically training for the part.

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