Watch: Stephen Amell Vs. WWE's Stardust on RAW

Posted By: Matt McGloin
05/25/2015 - 10:35pm


Updated: with official WWE video featuring Stardust responding to Amell.


We've previously seen the Arrow take on Sting, and now it's Stephen Amell vs. WWE Superstar Stardust Cody Rhodes.

Amell had ringside seats at tonight's RAW where Stardust came out and got in Amell's face.

Amell stood up and had a few words to say about it as well as tweeted a warning.

"You treadcarefully @StardustWWE -- Or I'll be back," Amell posted on his social networks.

Fans are hoping Amell will get a chance to guest host RAW.

You can catch Stephen Amell on Arrow when it returns this Fall and as Casey Jones for TMNT 2 on June 3, 2016.

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