Posted by: Matt McGloin
/ 2 years 40 weeks ago

The Walking's Dead Time Is Now: DC and Marvel Won't See Me



Indie comic book fans if there has even been a time when you can shine — it's now!

For me, personally, my own purchases of both DC Comics and Marvel have come to a stand still — zero!

I'm currently turned off by the Big Two, and it's just reminding me more and more of the 90's when I quit reading comics.

However, that doesn't mean there are not good comics out there, because there are.

And we see that each month with Robert Kirkman and Image Comics's The Walking Dead, as well as with the likes of comics from Valiant, Dark Horse, Boom! Studios, IDW Publishing, Dynamite and many more.

So I was glad to see that The Walking Dead #100 scored close to 400,000 in sales (383,612 to be precise), and was our most viewed comic book review — ever.

It shows an Indie comic can make it big, and I love it that Kirkman's comic stuck it to DC and Marvel, at at time when both can't even give their stuff away.

I do hope the trend continues, but in order to do so it relies on you — the reader.

You gotta tell your shops - especially with the Indie stuff - what to order. 


Too often we here at Cosmic Book News go into a local comic shop and they either haven't even heard of an Indie title or really simply just don't bother. 

Likewise, Retailers - I know you guys have your hands full - but a lot of readers don't follow the news online as close as some, so plugging an Indie title as much as possible is muy importante!

I'll leave it there without rambling on more about my thoughts on how that should be done.

But, folks, support the Indies! These guys bust their ass because they love comics, not because it will make them rich!

So, Marvel and DC — you can't see me! The Indie's time is NOW!

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