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The Walking Dead Averages 28 Million Viewers; Game of Thrones Not Far Behind



It's reported that when all the viewers for each episode of The Walking Dead are tallied up, last season averaged 28 million viewers per episode for AMC.

The numbers include viewers from replays, on-demand and TV Everywhere views, all of which saw Season 4 jump by 10 million viewers per episode.

The live-plus 7-day rating (live usage plus 7-Day DVR viewings) for The Walking Dead sits at about 18.4 million.

HBO's Game Of Thrones isn't that far behind - currently averaging 18 million weekly viewers (includes first-runs, encores, HBO GO and On Demand views) - as it's reported the series is close to breaking records set by Sopranos

As THR notes, the viewership numbers are even higher when piracy is added as a factor.

The Walking Dead returns with Season 5 to AMC this coming October.

Game Of Thrones is currently in its fourth season on HBO with episode 9 airing this Sunday, which follows the shocking conclusion to the Red Viper Vs. Mountain battle.


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