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Video: Doctor Who Comic Relief 2011 and Prequel Online Episodes Announced



A special Doctor Who mini-episode "Space and Time" (see below!) was transmitted just 30 minutes ago during tonight's Comic Relief telethon on BBC 1.  For my US friends, Comic Relief is a bi-annual event which raises millions for children and families in desperate need in both Africa's poorest countries and the UK, organized by many of our top comedians and entertainment performers.

However, after getting over seeing two Amy Ponds in very short skirts, its now confirmed that episode one of the new 2011 season, "The Impossible Astronaut," set in late 1960's America featuring Matt Smith, Karen Gillen and Arthur Davrill with returning actress Alex Kingsland as River Song, will commence on Saturday April 23rd - the same time in the US!! So we're in synch this time!

But wait! There's more! Further news is that there will be three "prequel" on-line episodes - written by head writer Steven Moffat - setting the scenes for the first televised story of the new season.

From the BBC:

"The Prequel to the opening episode is the first of three prequels that will premiere on this site over the course of the new series. Each offers an exclusive preview of the action and intrigue ahead and they've been made by the Doctor Who production team - so you know they're going to be special!"

Look out in the near future for the return of my Reverse the Polarity column where I'll be reviewing each new episode after they're broadcasted our side of the "Pond." But, if anyone here at CBN would like to take up the challenge to do a US review/perspective - feel free to contact me!! 

Darren Blackburn


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