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/ 1 year 34 weeks ago

TV Review: Under the Dome, Episode 6 (CBS)



Finally, after hints at sparks through the short summer season, snoopy journalist without a paper Julia and POV character/hero Barbie share a wet, passionate kiss. Almost makes you want go forget he murdered her husband.
The durable Angie escapes Deputy Junior yet again only to fall victim to looters. (Goodbye, dear Rose.) In a twist of black comedy, Barbie takes Angie for safety and shelter into the home of ... Big Jim! Later, Jim tries to strike a deal: Angie's silence for her protection by Big Jim from Junior.
Meanwhile, in Chester's Mill, the main water pipe is knocked out by a diverted truck, the lake suddenly is full of methane and the insulin supply is way low. Faced with a loss of water and merchants who are demanding shoppers pay in batteries and propane rather than cash, and you can see how townsfolk are reacting, (See Rose's looters above.)
Julia and the wildly genius Dodie (one of my favorite characters thus far in this wacky burg) notice a strange screech across the broadcast frequencies, an interference they eventually trace to Norrie and Joe. The Pink Star Kids are thought to be somehow connected to the dome ... or being "used" by the dome, as the ladies put it.
Several reviews ago, I postulated about the dome having its own ecosystem like a mammoth terrarium. That proves right this week as, for the first time since the coming of the dome, it rains in Chester's Mill, calming these townsfolk down with everyone smiling except Jim, who has lost rose. Look out, teen looters!
All in all, a great episode with human drama and pathos (wait until you meet the diabetic kid) all deriving from the dropping of the dome. And news of new eposodes of Under the Dome ordered by CBS, as reported by Cosmic Book News, means we will be able to suffer more angst and heartache with the folk of Chester's Mill, not just 13 weeks!

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