Posted by: Byron Brewer
/ 1 year 36 weeks ago

TV Review: Under the Dome, Episode 4 (CBS)



Junior with a badge?! Bad idea, Sheriff Linda!
That is one of the many highs that spiced up the fewer lows this episode of Under the Dome. Aside from the awesome pilot, this is your best episode thus far in the CBS summer series, hands-down.
With a breakout of meningitis, the town begins to recognize the fact that their resources are dwindling. But it is only when they see the military moving out (you will know why next week) that real public panic begins to set in -- finally!
As Junior becomes the Gomer Pyle deputy of Chester's Mill, his dad Big Jim makes a discovery in the root cellar: an unexpected guest, the imprisoned Angie amid aflooded cellar. Will this be bad for Junior ... or for Angie?
The most interesting character, focal point murderer/hero Barbie, has his back story revealed to little satisfaction. Is he a cold-blooded murderer, a Navy seal on the run, an alien spy? Nope, seems Barbie is just muscle for a bookie and came to town to collect a debt from Julia's husband.
The folks are finally up in arms and attention to the Dome and their worsening condition is going to bring us character drama seriously lacking in last week's episode.
Pink stars? Don't ask me.

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