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TV Review: Under the Dome, Episode 2 (CBS)



Like the coming of the dome and the fire this episode, everything moves fast and hot in this CBS summer series.

We discover more about the dome itself as folks begin trying to dig under it without success. The boy genius who was seeing pink stars last week discovers the dome is a sieve, apparently letting some water as well as air through.

Also thanks to loud-mouth lady journalist Julia who commandeers the radio station, everyone in town now knows they are bugs in a jar.

Sheriff Duke did indeed die from his contact with the dome last week (pace maker). Now Deputy Linda plays de facto sheriff, trying to keep the town from hysteria while Commissioner Jim and the Reverend try to keep Duke's knowledge of the propane hoarding mystery secret.

In doing that, the good padre inadvertently sets Duke's house on fire! Recall that most firefighters left town to participate in a nearby burg's parade.

Meanwhile, girlfriend/prisoner Angie tries to escape the root cellar and boyfriend/captor Junior gets into a fist fight with murderer/hero Barbie over a misunderstood cigarette sharing.

Barbie revisits the scene of his crime, where he murdered the lady journalist's husband. Seems there is more to the matter than meets the eye; seems Barbie forgot his dog tags here too but recovered them.

Duke's propane tank explodes from the house fire and the blaze rages through the town, the Reverend still trapped in the house. And we see another side of Jim as he works to save the city he loves and for which he now feels responsible.

Miraculously, thanks to Deputy Linda, the Reverend survives and Big Jim is suddenly ... a hero?

The fire is out but Deputy Paul goes mad, shoots at the dome and the bullet bounces off and strikes Deputy Freddie.

For the second episode in a row, we are left with an officer down.

This summer show continues to be compelling while never losing sight of the overall threat of the mysterious dome.

Once again, I am captive-ated!

You can catch a preview of next week’s episode of Under the Dome and E-I-C Matt McGloin’s thoughts on Monday night’s episode right here on CBN.

Under the Dome” airs Mondays, 10 ET, on CBS.

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