Posted by: Byron Brewer
/ 3 years 6 weeks ago

TV Review: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Season 2, Episode 2; Disney XD)


1302 As Disney XD’s fine Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes begins its second season, Episode 2 (as usual) has Tony Stark and Starktech as its main focus.

This time around, the futurist is conversing with Acting SHIELD Director Maria Hill about the exact same things that eventually led to the Civil War event in the comics MarvelU.But here, Stark seems against the proposal – at least for now.

Meanwhile, as Captain America (who this season looks exactly like the cinema Cap coming in the live-action Avengers movie as well as First Avenger) and the Black Panther remove Iron Man armors from the Stark Tower for safe keeping and to keep it from becoming a super-villain/terrorist target -- well, it becomes exactly that!

Enter AIM and an escapee from the Vault, a rogue A.I. that the villainous scientists have programmed to consume the ARC generator, specifically the one in Stark’s chest.

The power is out and the battle is joined and there are several good action pieces, specifically with T’Challa and a shield-less Cap -- using a gun! Maria and an armor-less Tony also have some moments, and Rhodey and his War Machine armor help the three assemblers out of a mess.

As usual for Disney XD Avengers, it is Stark and his scientific mind that come to the rescue at the end, in a tour de force that would make Thor proud!

I am glad to see this toon back with new episodes as last season was excellent.

Cannot wait for next Sunday AM!

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