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Transformers 4 Casting Call Reveals Mark Wahlberg's Character & More


7879 We get some new information on Transformers 4, the fourth installment from director Michael Bay pitting the Autobots vs. the Decepticons.

A Transformers 4 casting call reveals the name of the film's lead, Mark Wahlberg's character, to be Flynn "Ray" Vincent.

Nicola Peltz, as expected, is the daughter of Wahlberg as well, and girlfriend to Jack Reynor's race car driver character.

We also learn that Glenn Morshower will return from the previous Transformers movie, reprising as General Morshower.

It's also stated by FeatureFilmCasting that casting directors are auditioning actors in LA as well as Austin, TX as shooting is set to begin in those locations this week.

Transformers 4 will also be heavily involved with China, as currently, there is a Chinese reality show to determine speaking roles in the movie, and will also be filmed in part there.

No plot has been officially released, though a redacted synopsis previously revealed both the Autobots and Decepticons have left the Earth with powerful men trying to take advantage of the Transformers technology. It was said an ancient Transformers enemy set its sites on Earth as well.

Fans speculate that Unicron and the Dinobots could be involved.

Transformers 4 has a Summer 2014 release date also starring Kelsey Grammar as the film's villain, playing Harold Attinger.

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