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Matt McGloin

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon: Megatron is a Pile of Scrap!


I thought Director Michael Bay promised us a better movie with Transformers 3? just posted some images that appear to be Megatron from the new movie. An anonymous source sent photos to of the Megatron toy for Dark of the Moon. It shows the mighty Decepticon leader to be a rusty old heap of a tanker truck. As you can see from the toy pics, the "gun" on his arm is actually from the tanker part. Obviously, this is supposed to be the counter to Optimus Prime's truck transformation. In previous appearances, Megatron has been a gun, a T-rex, a spaceship and even a laser cannon as Galvatron. For some reason, they decided to make him a dumpy looking truck - with a cape? Who came up with this one? Hopefully, this is only Megatron's initial vehicle of choice. Perhaps, when he returns he is all beat up, hence the tanker truck - and later he becomes something more worthy of the leader of the Decepticons.