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Matt McGloin

Total Recall Remake: Producer Neil Moritz on Movie and Colin Farrell



The Collider spoke with producer, Neil Moritz, on the remake of Total Recall and confirmed that Colin Farrell will be playing the lead.

The producer also stated the movie will not be in 3-D and will be "bigger in scope" than Green Hornet and Battleship Earth - that it is a big movie.

This version will be a bit different than the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic in that they won't be going to space. As Moritz says, "It’s closer to the book [Philip K. Dick's We Can Remember It for You Wholesale], the big difference is we don’t go to space.”

Moritz goes on to give a few more details on the differences, "Instead of it being a spaceship that takes us to another planet, there’s something that takes us from one side of the planet to another that’s really interesting.”

Total Recall begins filming in Toronto on May 15th.