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Top 10 Marvel Cosmic Moments of 2010


Without much help from our posters on the CBN Forum – Let’s take better notice for next year’s effort, OK, guys? – and with similar tastes to my buddy, poster FizzOtter, here are the fans’ (and Managing Editor’s) Top 10 Marvel Cosmic Moments of 2010: 10) Chaos King murders Nightmare: The Chaos King begins his “event” takeover of, well, everything by killing Nightmare and dominating his Dimension of Dreams, in Chaos War #1. I loved the Ditko feel of this, as Nightmare pleaded for his life even as his heart was removed. Chilling! Too bad the rest of the event was a bust! 9) The return of Mar-Vell in Chaos War: Dead AvengersI am sorry not more folks bought this, because it was the gem of the “event.” Writer Fred Van Lente knew the voice of these bygone Avengers and most had good moments. But the leadership and sacrifices of Mar-Vell – the true Mar-Vell, we have been told – were what made the mini great. Try it! 8) Nova facing off against the Sphinx:One line says it all: “I'm holding off a god!” Rich didn’t even have the Worldmind to help him out at that point. It showed off Nova’s power set quite well, and gave us the Sphinx story we had been craving a loooooooong time. 7) The “other” Inhumans from Fantastic Four #577We get to see other alien races that were experimented on by the Kree. Quite a neat concept, and quite rational as well. These races were also kind of left on the backburner by Marvel and it was refreshing and surprising to see them. (I wonder if the Dire Wraiths will touch on this FF storyline in Annihilators?) 6) The Cosmic Aspects join the Cancerverse fray: In The Thanos Imperative, the Cancerverse denizens are invading through the Fault. Kree, Shi'ar, Negative Zone rejects of the CededTerritoriesand even the Spartoi were waging a battle to defend their universe. In comes the Silver Surfer and then -- the Aspects! Anytime a number of the Aspects step into a battle in the MarvelU., it’s a pretty big deal. But what? No Watchers, even to gander at the spectacle? 5) Rocket Raccoon threatening a returned Thanos with everlasting life: This is Thanos the by-God Worshipper of Death we are talking about! The fact that a talking raccoon risked his own life by threatening the Mad Titan with something he would dread speaks volumes for the ability of DnA to take something completely crazy and give it a bone-chilling seriousness. 4) The Good Fight in Guardians of the GalaxyNow this is how you fight! In issue #24 of GotG, the first 10 pages are simply amazing. A last hurrah for Phyla-Vell. On each page, the narrator describes the fighting styles of Phyla, Mantis, Cosmo, Major Victory and Gamora. It was simply fantastic and helped show that these great characters are not to be messed with! When the Universal Church of Truth sent out its troops supposedly able to take a planet, they were stopped dead in their tracks. GALAXY'S MIGHTIEST HEROES 3) Nova creating the Annihilators team: In The Thanos Imperative, Cosmic Avengers assembled! This was simply brilliant. Nova brought in the heavy hitters to take down E-Vell. That one group shot, surely a Marvel classic up there with any image, showed they were ready to save the universe. I cannot wait for the Annihilators mini (ongoing?). 2) Rocket Raccoon butting a planet with the severed head of a Celestial: Batman never hit a foe with the Batcave, or Superman with his fortress. This was priceless! Seriously, who else in the Comic Book Cosmic World can think of something like this? Guardians of the Galaxy #22 is perhaps the issue that shows what the Guardians were all about. When they put a plan into action, it works. Of course, again, the highlight was Rocket dive-bombing the planet with the Knowhere station. 1) Nova and Star-Lord facing off against Thanos: It was just a few pages. But in those pages, those last few pages of TTINova with the Nova Force on high volume and Star-Lord with the Cosmic Cube were the guardians of their galaxy, charging into Thanos to help buy the galaxy a few more seconds in order to save it. As forum poster FizzOtter put it: “This was the only one to make me emotional.” Agree or disagree? Let us know on the forum or in the comments below. And if you want your say to count more, contribute to Cosmic Book News’ list of Top 10 Marvel Cosmic Moments of 2011. For some reason, I think there will be fewer from which to choose. But I hope not.