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Tom Brevoort: 'Fans of Marvel Cosmic will want to check out FF #6 & 7'


pic Tom Brevoort, Senior Vice President of Publishing of Marvel Comics, let loose the following from his twitter account earlier today:

"Fair warning: fans of Marvel Cosmic will want to check out FF #6 & 7. You have been warned!"

And just why would Marvel Cosmic fans want to check these issues of FF out?! (Note: You may also want to check out FF#5!)

Well, it's the return of the King as Black Bolt returns to the Marvel Universe!

After the events of the 2009 Marvel Cosmic event, War of Kings, that saw the leader of the Inhumans take on Emperor Vulcan of the Shi'ar in an all-out battle that seemingly led to both their deaths - neither leader has been seen or heard from since.

That all changes this July as Jonathan Hickman and Greg Tocchini bring back Black Bolt to reclaim his throne. However, it doesn't seem like an easy task as, per the cover for FF #7 (below), Ronan of the Kree just might be standing in his way! A union between Ronan and Crystal of the Inhumans united the two races during War of Kings, with Black Bolt reigning supreme.

What brings these two super powers to blows? And is there any chance two other heroes that recently disappeared in battle might be returning?

Find out July 27th as FF#6 sees the return of the King (FF#5 hits next week)!

Now, check out a preview for FF#5 and a preview of FF#6!

For more on Black Bolt, check out our Voice Of Thunder: The Return of Black Bolt feature.


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